How Long Before Moringa Starts Working and other Frequently Asked Questions

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Moringa has a ton of great nutritional properties that have changed many lives. 

However, we receive a ton of emails asking about specific benefits and how long until these start uses actually start showing up.

We figured instead of constantly addressing these concerns, we’d create a resource that answers them all at once.

Moringa is incredible, and knowing how soon it can start changing your life after you’ve started taking this superfood is an obvious question.

More information about Moringa’s effects on health and different timing is below. 

Reported here is a breakdown of many different scientific studies that showed statistical improvements within their timeframes for that specific effect.

These results are from either a study performed in a controlled environment or our personal experience with Moringa.

Effect Time To Start Working
Digestion Improvements Immediate (On Empty Stomach)
Lowering Cholesterol Statistical Improvements in less than 120 days
Improving Insomnia Statistical Improvements in less than 10 Minutes (On Empty Stomach)
Lowering Blood Pressure / Blood Sugar Levels Statistical Improvements in less than 3 weeks
Improving Arthritis Statistical Improvements in less than 21 days
Reducing Allergies Statistical Improvements in less than an hour
Decreasing Anxiety Statistical Improvements in less than 7 days
Decreasing Seizure Length Statistical Improvements in less than 30 Minutes
Weight Loss Statistical Improvements in less than 3 months
Improving Memory Statistical Improvements in less than 5 weeks
Improving Skin Statistical Improvements in less than 3 months
Improving Nail/Cuticle Health Personally fixed my problems in less than 1 week 
Improving Energy Immediate (On Empty Stomach)
Improving Libido Statistical Improvements in less than 7 days

Take Note, That The Effects Cited Above In This Table Were Shown To Have Measurable Scientific Success In That Timeframe, And The Benefits Presumably Started Showing Much Earlier.

Some Moringa Effects Are Longer Term

Some uses of Moringa take a little bit to show results.

This is because they are usually your body’s reaction to the lowering or exposure to other things.

For example for Moringa to lower your Cholesterol, your lipid profile would need to be lowered by the polyphenols (flavonoids) that are found in Moringa. 

The way this works is by increasing cellular antioxidant status and inflammation 

However, we know that effects that stem from the increased cellular activity will not be a quick turnaround, as it takes time to build up the antioxidants needed to combat these free radicals and other problematic cells.

This does not mean that all of the outcomes of Moringa will take this long, and many are feeling their Moringa remarkably fast.

Some Moringa Effects Happen Quickly

Some results of Moringa leaf happen quickly, as they are usually “fixing” nutrient-deficient problems.

For example, someone who feels an instant boost of energy from Moringa was probably deficient in some of the energy-creating nutrients.

Whenever we take Moringa on an empty stomach, we instantly feel a boost in my mood and energy.

Due to low levels of iron and calcium (from a bad diet), eating Moringa on an empty stomach instantly boosts these levels out of “deficient” levels.

This immediately makes us feel rejuvenated and increases our energy levels for the rest of the day.

This is the same for the digestion issues that Moringa helps solve.

Since these digestion issues are usually linked to a deficiency of Vitamin B, once your Moringa is broken down and absorbed, your body will have raised its vital Vitamin B levels.

Should I Take Moringa On An Empty Stomach?

How you take your Moringa has a direct effect on how long it takes for Moringa to start working.

If you’re deficient in some nutrients from an exhausting day or because of recent poor eating, taking your Moringa on an empty stomach will improve these deficiencies much faster than taking it with food.

However, if you’re more interested in the longer-term uses of Moringa, taking your Moringa with food will not cause any problems or delays, and the long-term health benefits of the Moringa will still be the same.

Should I Take Moringa In The Morning Or At Night?

At Moringa Life, asking if someone should take their Moringa in the Morning or at Night is one of the most commonly asked questions.

When you take your Moringa does not matter in the long term, but in the short term taking your Moringa around when your stomach is empty will increase potency and short-term effects.

If you fast during any part of the day, this is a great time for you to take your Moringa, as you will be able to quickly see the effects.

If you have energy problems, we suggest you take your Moringa first thing in the morning, as the Moringa will be absorbed nearly instantly and start helping you with your energy problems.

If you have some trouble sleeping, we suggest taking your Moringa about 30 minutes before bed, as the Moringa will help you fall asleep.

When you take your Moringa is tied to when you need the result.

Again, for some of the longer-term uses, the timing does not matter, and combining Moringa with lunch (like in a smoothie) may make it easier to ingest and to stick to a plan in the long term.

Focus on your personal goal with Moringa and work backward to build a plan that will work for you and your tough schedule.

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