Bernice Goliath Wow ek voel 💯 . My yster is reg my bloedruk is reg en die moegheid is weg
Priscilla Fish Yes I have used this for arthritis and I have seen a huge change in my hands and fingers. Stopped taking all the chemist and doctors medications 😁so moringa definitely works!!!!
Delien Malgas I don't know if I had arthritis cause it's a family illness but I had a constant shortage of iron and stress and after being tested positive last year August with Covid I had joint pain and high blood pressure, diabetic. I received my order on Monday and immediately started to use it, and I can feel the difference, my joints are no longer in pain.
Olinda Cerff
Ek drink die moringa kapsules en dit help regtig vir my rumatiek en dis ook ñ algemene vitamins en minerals aan vulling in een..
Jan Schoeman Ek gebruik die kapsules al n jaar of meer en meeste van my skete is skoonveld. Moes skouer operasie ondergaan en die pyn het net eenvoudig verdwyn.
Olinda Cerff Ek drink die moringa kapsules en dit help regtig vir my rumatiek en dis ook ñ algemene vitamins en minerale aan vulling in een...
Herman En Annette Bosman Gebruik ook die MORINGA  al vir so 3maande en my suikertelling het drasties gedaal en ek is dankbaar dat ek dit ook gekry het!
Catherin Roules Ek gebruik die tablette en moet erken my suiker van 25 na 9, ek voel n heel ander mens en het ook baie energie. Dankie Moringa
Mariam Malie Haroin I’m on it for 2 months now it regulates my sugar levels and I lost 2 kilos without dieting such a plus and my health in general been good I will definitely recommend it fantastic product👌
Rozelle Franken We use the powder for our diabetic dog over her food and does wonders for her sugar levels🐩
Cedclan Solomons: Good Morning, Just received my order.
As a first time customer, I would like to congratulate you, for your highly impressive service delivery.
I have been very impressed by your high level of service and genuine consideration for me as a customer. In this day and age good customer service is often difficult to find, and I feel it is important that it be recognized.
Your personalized customer service and hospitality were really appreciated. While we are sometimes quick to criticize when we don’t get the service we believe we deserve, it is also important to give credit when we do receive exceptional service.
I can assure you, you will receive much more orders from myself and I would gladly recommend you to my family and friends.
Thank you for making this experience a good one and for providing such an absolutely superior service.
Looking forward to continuing doing business with you.
Roelien Kruger Neuville My ekseem (wat ek seker 20jaar gehad het) het verdwyn na twee weke se gebruik van Moringa. Net een maand gebruik, dis al weg van Maart maand af...
Patrick Mandlenkosi Dlamini
Good Morning
I have received my order for Testo boost with Ashwagandha in very good condition, I am impressed by your service, keep up the good work.
I was expecting delivery on Thursday or Friday but to my surprise it was an overnight service
Keep it up!
Marielou Pretorius : Thank you so much yet again great service.
Thami Mkandaweri: Thank you so much. I 100% appreciate your excellent service.
Hi Barbara,
I received the Moringa today with many thanks.
Your service and generous offer is exemplary. My wife had always been the one using it for hereditary high blood pressure, and by some weird coincidence I was diagnosed with it 2 weeks ago. We have always eaten very well and eat all the recommended high blood pressure foods anyway, and I have always had abnormally low blood pressure. But when I went for my first Covid jab we could not get my blood pressure down so they sent me to the doctor who confirmed it. I then started experimenting using our blood pressure monitor, with the Moringa, and the pharmaceutical prescribed by my GP. I found that the pharma did nothing at all, and that a sip of Moringa, followed by a 40 minute walk was the only combination that actually lowered my blood pressure,
So, good stuff!! We will continue to be daily users.
Tony van der Veen.
Hi Goeiedag Wil net dankie se vir julle flinke diens! Pakkie vandag ontvang. Baie dankie! Ek waardeur die moeite en flinke diens. Sal beslis weer gebruik maak, Keep going strong. Barend
Sivy Govender I also take the Moringa tonic and it has helped tremendously with my knee pain. I love it. I recommended it to my family, and now most of them take it and have seen results..
Celia Jakins
I have been using Moringa for a few years now. Makes me feel wonderful!!!
Faye Thomas I swear by this. The health benefits are incredible. Been taking it for 1 yr. My skin glows. My hair is beautiful. I'm just healthy..
Alison Burger Wessels I have Osteoarthritis, and Moringa has changed my life, I've been using moringa for a year now, and it's amazing to walk and move and get out of bed in the mornings. I'm almost totally off my meds for my arthritis. I also had covid, and I still took my Moringa super juice every morning. I believe it's also strengthen my immune system to heal from covid. And with prayers and support from family and friends and Moringa I feel good and healed
Faye Thomas I can't sing the praises of this superfood enough. You take moringa everyday like I do.. You will never need a Dr.. I'm 65 years old.. I feel 45..its my drug of choice for everything..
Rosie Nana Wilson
Good to know, thank you.
It helped me and my energy levels and stamina have also increase. Thank you so much🙏🏽
Lara N Richard Hartshorne I love this product. I use it for autoimmune (Hashimotos Autoimmune Thyroiditis) with underlying anemia and insulin resistance. Never felt so good and for the first time in a long time I'm able to lose weight. For years I've been exercising and watching what I eat but due to autoimmune I cannot lose the weight. Now I've dropped to my lowest weight and fat % and highest muscle % since 2018 in just 2months! I also feel so much better in terms of energy and overall health (those that have autoimmune will confirm you always feel like you're coming down with something or always in pain. Since taking Moringa I have minimal pain and overall wellness is up). I have recommended it to family members who are now taking it and feel a difference. Highly recommend this product
Tinus Dannhauser Baie dankie. Ons het vandag ons aflewering gekry. Dis uitstekende diens dankie.
Lorrayne Fine Been on Moringa for more than 8 years and endorse the immune booster properties
Sanette Clarke Using it 2 years now for my Rheumatoid Arthritis and no other prescription meds or painkillers, and I can move freely!
Eleanor Xaso Thanks sooo much. I have just received my Moringa. That was very professional of You to honour your word of "Speedy Delivery"
Tiaan Fourie Awesome service as always...The product is awesome and I believe it has protected us, specially our staff who travel daily! Regards
Vic Marais
Goedjies werk
Babette Cordier I would just like to say thank you for the speedy response and delivering the medication so fast I got it this morning and could not believe the fast services. I was very impressed with the service. Thank you
Martin Ntsieng My mom (75 years old) had a terrible backache and was struggling to walk, she started using it more than a month ago and pains are disappearing and started to walk again
Tenoff Pae I took it for a month and conceived after I had been trying for 4 years! ...🙏🏼
Beverley Baker
Good day
I am speechless......My parcel was just delivered. This is what I call service. Thank you very much, may you be blessed.
Baie dankie vir julle flinke diens. Ek het my pakkie vanoggend gekry. Puik diens. Groete Rassie.
Leslie Morris Moringa reduced my sugar levels from 17.6 tot between 5.1 and 6.7 for the past 3 weeks. Once you do Moringa you will never go back
My wife has been using Moringa for about 4 months now and it has been fantastic, She used to suffer every night with swelling feet and knees and painful joints. From about a week after she started using Moringa there has been no pain and no swelling. She is very happy with this.
Kind Regards
George Izaaks
Antoinett Van Rooyen This product is AMAZING !! Also, the client service is OUTSTANDING!
Wow what excellent service. Placed my order yesterday and this afternoon the parcel was delivered.
Thank you
Watch this space for feedback on the product.
Bev van Niekerk
What can I say except blown away by the service. Ordered the product yesterday and already delivered.
Thank you
B van Niekerk
Thank God for Moringa!
For years I suffered with pains in my knees and feet, with swelling ankles every night. It was quite depressing and I felt miserable every evening.
I tried other supplements like MSM, it seemed to help a bit but I was still not happy.
Then I found Moringa within a week of taking it I notice a remarkable difference!
No more pain, no more swelling, and I stopped all the other expensive supplements too.
I recommend it to everyone - just try it of a month. It's like a miracle cure.
Happy and warm Regards
Nicky Krause Excellent product, been using for 4 years. Stopped for 6 months and it was the worst months of my life. Thanks Moringa for changing my life
I am a huge advocate for your product, my daughter and mom very skeptical at first, after my granddaughter was diagnosed with Diabetes type 1 in April I convinced my daughter to put her on this with approval from her specialist, he told us it’s not been medically tested but we can try, let me tell you her hair has started growing back, its definitely helping her glucose levels.
My mom was on her death bed with covid and has been on oxygen permanently for 3 months, I convinced her to take the super juice extract and she is off the oxygen now for 3 weeks.
So thank you thank you for an amazing product, may you all be blessed in abundance.
Wow, your service is great! I ordered yesterday morning and received my order today. I am very impressed, thank you so much.
God bless you all.
Good day,
Hope you well, I would just like to thank you and the whole Moringa Team for the excellent service I got from you since yesterday.
I placed my order yesterday and I received it today, I am so grateful and I will even thank you on social media.
We're living in difficult times now and really I still have hope if we get this type of service from some one who don't know from a bar of soap.
I will always remember and be thankful for what you did for me, it was my very first ever ordered something online..
Thank you, thank you 1million times for the Excellent Service.
Kind Regards,
Patrick Anderson
Works for me since taking the capsules my sugar levels in conjunction with my sugar medication has dropped to acceptable levels 👍
Celia Jakins
I have been using Moringa for a few years now. Makes me feel wonderful!!!
I would really like to thank Morninga , My moms Health especially her blood pressure and sugar has been constant since she started using moringa life....and she hasn't been struggling to maintain it.... the results have just been amazing....
Kind Regards
Loni Du Toit
Gebruik n maand al en ABSOLUUT WONDERLIK.
Kobie Du Toit
Dit is fantasies het dit ook gebruik dis goed vir Baie siektes ook vir kolon
Loni Du Toit
Wonderlik!!!! Presies dieselfde met my!!!! Nou besig met my 2e houer Sal NOOIT WEER SONDER DIT WEES NIE!!!!!!
Petro Joubert Gebruik dit nou n maand lank..koni sonder n Trollie in n mall loop Nie...loop nou sonder dit...het Elke aand pynpille gedrink en my kniee met icy hot gesmeer..erg arthritis ..gehad...nou geen Pyn...Kan Al 30 min lank oefen fiets trap en voel Sommer goed.
Petro Joubert Used it for a month now.. Can't walk without a Trollie in a mall... walking without it now... I drank pain pills every night and rubbed my knees with icy hot.. Severe arthritis .. Had it... Now no pain... Can exercise for 30 minutes, kick the bike and feel good.
Maggie van der Wielen - Excellent SERVICE Have not experience this service in SA ever!! Well done I received my parcel, Thank you
Ree Fisher: Good morning. I received my Moring package this morning, very pleased indeed, I will definitely order again going forward and recommend your products to my friends! Have a wonderful day
Bridget Jelliman: I agree my husband recently had Covid (74), since he came out of hospital I have been giving him Moringa 3x a day, for the past 3 weeks the results speak for themselves. Almost ready to go back and play golf.
Mike Zaka Thank you very much for your great service. I have no doubt in my mind that I am going to enjoy good health and my membership with Moringa Life will endure for a long, long time. I consider myself very lucky to have crossed your pathway. Stay blessed as an organization.
Thulani Zengele
I had an elbow gout attack yesterday and had two teaspoons for the first time. Today the pain is gone without taking colchicine.
Bernadette Gie
I agree. Myself and Hubby have been using it for about two years now and find it just amazing. We can definitely feel the difference.
Beverley Baker
Thank you I have received my order.
You once again pleasantly surprised me with your excellent customer service.
May you be continuously be blessed.
Kindest regards
Janita Singh
Agree completely... I've been ordering from them for years and still never failed to impress me with their service.
Keith Blond
Ordered delivered now 9.38 am 24th Dec . What an awesome service . I am in awe of Moringa & I applaud you guys it's phenomenal service.
A Merry Christmas.
Martin De Jager
Excellent service thank you!
Helene Camissar
I ordered online on Sunday night. My order was at my door this morning !!! What an absolute pleasure!!! Been using the product for a year already !!!
Watson Marks
Excellent service wow, ordered yesterday morning today got my parcel
Bernadette Biba Bray
Ive been drinking moringa since last year November 2019 after the first 2 weeks i had lost 3 halve kilo...Ive also lost a lot of fluid in my body .I was also feeling some pains in my feet and arms this mainly due to my physical work as a nurse. Moringa has proved to be the best for me...I NOW use the moringa in smoothies etc... Ive introduced this product to others especially people with health issues..what I will say u need to take moringa every day to feel the benefits...for your energy level its The Best🌿🍵 — feeling positive.
Ethel WebstervanStaden
I have been on this product for only 2 days and can say it works for me! No pain in Upper leg on hip replacement side for 2 days!
Shanwyne Trimble Pillay recommends Moringa Life.
Wonderfull product! it has helped me so much.. i have only been on Moringa for two weeks now but i can honestly feel the impact it has made on my life. I have cronic ibs and been striggling now for 19 months with my tummy after i got severe food poisioning and with with 19 months of constant medication and diffrent herbal tratments i must say , i can take a break now. I hope it helps many other people out there with cronic issues as it has been helping me.
Anette Ehmke Absoluut glo ek daaraan en drink dit elkedag. Danksy Moringa, sit ek nog hier! Dokters het my verledejaar Augustes huistoe gestuur met nie hoop op herstel nie. 24/7 op suurstof was my voorland. Ek het weer Moringa begin gebruik en whallo! Hier sit ek, geen suurstof en gaan aan met my lewe. Ek wil net ook noem ek moes tenminste 2x pj, of soms meer, bloedoortappings kry oor my ysyer net verdwyn. Dit alles is nou reg, ek het begin verledejaar laas bloedgekry! Wonderlik!
Sivy Govender This is so true, I’ve been suffering from knee pain for a long time, since I started having the moringa juice the pain just vanished. I can now move freely with no pain. Really an excellent product 🙏🏽❤️
Helene Camissar
I ordered online on Sunday night. My order was at my door this morning !!! What an absolute pleasure!!! Been using the product for a year already !!!
Edna Hoffe Really good as it gives me so much energy. Taking it for years already.
liebelritchie Been using Moringa since Oct 2019.....threw away all prescription drugs...this is just the BEST PRODUCT EVER. Takes a while to work but CANT be without it.
Hi Barbara, I have just received my order. I hope these capsules are in line with the efficiency and expeditious service. I am highly impressed. Thanks and regards, Dorothy van der Merwe
Good afternoon
I would just like to thank Moringa for the superb service rendered. Our order was delivered in under 24 hours of the order being placed, and we do not live in or near any city.
Definitely a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you.
Kind regards
Henk van Jaarsveld: Thank you for the update. I have been using your product for awhile now. Even my Diabetic friend has seen a change in the use of insulin. I am telling everyone about the product
Asma Harrison: I'm using the the moringa capsules and I'm feeling good have so much energy. I'm 75th yrs old and feel the difference in my wellbeing! thanks moringa ❤
Johann Olivier I have been using Moringa powder with excellent results. Blood sugar regular at 5.2. I have been off chronic meds for type 2 diabetes for 3 years now.
Good day Barbara
Thanking you for kind, speedy service, as always & most of all for WONDERFUL PRODUCTS!! Warm regards, Riana
Good day, I have just received my parcel.
Really this is now service with a huge smile and even the Courier staff is so friendly and helpful. This will definitely nor be my last order. Regards, Henk
Beverley Smith Thank you, ordered yesterday and parcel delivered this afternoon. Incredible service!!😊😊
Nathi White I have to comment here also. You guys are very professional and the courier services are exceptional
Howard Palm: Same day service is almost unheard of, well done and thank you.
Tiekie Opperman My kind se bene het geswel van water dat haar bene stukkend gehaan het en sere gemaak het. Haar bene en voete het gelyk of hulle deurskynend is. Sy gebruik Moringa nou 5 maande en haar voete en bene het niks meer water nie en sy is n Epelepsie lyer sy gebruik dir saam met haar medikasie en het geen newe efekte nie.
Debbie Rogers Testimony
Dear Barbara
Thank you for my Moringa. I have just come back from the Post Office. I can't wait to start on my new batch. Moringa has changed my life. I've tried so many things in the past that have not worked. My sugar levels are starting to get better. I have never had a sugar level under 10. Even with my daily sugar tablets. I have been without my Maringa for 3 days as I was waiting for my new bottle. Just had my first dosage. Since taking moringa juice concentrate for diabetes my sugar is between 8.2 to. 8.9
I'm so happy with my Moringa. Started my new bottle on Friday Valentines day and feel great. The constant pain I have had in my body for the last two years is so much better and I had pain under my right foot between me big tow and the tow ne to my big tow with constant tingling. That has also lifted and is almost gone now
And as I also said my sugar levels are almost in control and has never been under 10 for more than 3 years
Dorothy Cox Ross
Helps for my husbands Fibromyalgia
Kidney Stones
I had kidney stones and for almost two years I had been on medication to alleviate the symptoms which cost R 96.00 per day, however, the doctor informed me that 4-5 years from now, I may have to undergo operation. A friend told me to try Moringa. That was my first encounter with it but I was skeptical about it and thought that he might just be bragging. After 15 days of religiously drinking it, I went to my doctor for check and I was very surprised that my kidney stones were powdered. Another 15 days passed, I went back for check up and this time the stones were 100% gone. My office workers have been suffering from hypertension, arthritis, and other complicated symptoms. I introduced Moringa to them and miraculously, the symptoms gradually disappears. I strongly believe that I have to share what I found to others and somehow it became my duty to tell others.
Mukarim Habin
Anja Van Niekerk recommends Moringa Life.
12 hrs ·
Moringa has made a major impact on my blood sugar level as well as inflammation. Will never use any other supplements. This is a all-in-one. I even missed the flu-season so strong is my immune system.
Nonceba Hlohla
I use Moringa tablets now, I change from moringa leaves Waw they take me to another level of health💪💪
Anette Ehmke Ek was in 2020 baie, baie siek met 'n vooruitsig van 'n suurstofmasjien 24/7 en 'n inwonendehulp. Wel ek het in Julie begin Moringa drink, getrou elkedag ( danksy my hulp wat my dogter is), en vandag is ek vry van die masjien en gebruik dit net as ek slaap. As jy nog twyfel, MOENIE! Kan saam met enige medikasie gebruik word want dis 100% natuurlik! Ek drink dit nogsteeds elkedag om my suurstofvlakke stabiel te hou.
Sibongile Mthembu Moringa is the best I'm taking tablets my sugar is low than before and i lost weight
Madeneyah Basardien Very effective works like a bomb
Marlene Du Plessis Dit werk regtig vir my man wat Rhumathoid baie erg het. 
Cheryl Van Wyk I have been using moringa 4 years no more high blood
Also its helped to energize me
Sandra Hendricks Im using moringa after suffered a stroke and I feel on top of the world
Alda Botha Drie maande gesukkel met suiker wat ni wil stabiliseer drink nou di derde dag Moringa suiker in plek Ek het verlede jaar 23 kg daarvan verloor Gebruik net di ware produk ni di nagemaak is Beveel aan v mense wat ni energie het dit laat voel jou ongelooflik jy bly net aan werk Baie goeie produk
Good morning Barbara
Hoping that you are well?
I have been using the Moringa Juice for about two and a half weeks now and my arthritis is already much better. Getting some quality life back, didn't think it was ever going to change again. I teach music at a Pre- and Primary school in Midrand and it involves a lot of movement which was becoming impossible. For the last week I could move and dance with the kids again. Amazing!
I am 68 years old, love my teaching, and gardening. You cannot imagine how happy I am to be able to do things that have become impossible the last few years.
Thank you for your product!
Warm regards
Mariki Lessing
Linah Masina Its amazing really I did also drank a bottle Moringa and ate Seeds, there's a great difference on inflammation pains on my hip. Drink also Cayenne pills.
Gaorute John Lebelo It works wonders in my life!!!
Faiza Jaftha I'm using moringa for 2 yrs now and it help me for spine that's painful and my sugar level
Tholiwe Guenga It works wonders
Vance Reddy Excellent it work's for my hubby n I.. 🙏🙏🙏
Trustee Makwakwa Im diabetic with high blood also since i took moringa my sugar level is very good my high blood is normal thanks to Moringa
Ansie De Bruto Fourie Glo my dit is wonderlik ek gebruik dit en my knieë gee my nie meer hel nie.
Shahida Sousa My 11year old son had diaree and was vomiting he became pale and week .I gave him moringa his colour came back immediately..
Colleen Tomsett I take 7 casuals a day no pain or pain killers in over 2 weeks and only on my second bottle yay tks 👍👍
Miranda Van Der Merwe I use Moringa Oleifera and it's a vitamin supplement and it works wonders for me i even sleep much better at night.thanks moringa
I would really like to thank Morninga , My moms Health especially her blood pressure and sugar has been constant since she started using moringa life....and she hasn't been struggling to maintain it.... the results have just been amazing....
Kind Regards

Josie de Lange I am a tipe 2 diabetic. My sugar level was between 13 and 15 sometimes as high as 19 and after 1 week of using the capsules it went down to 9. Many thanks to Moringa.


"Moringa is fantastic, I've just had my 3 monthly Type 1 Diabetic check up and I've been on the Moringa for just over 2 months. Not only were my Diabetic readings the best they have ever been but my cholesterol has completely cleared and weight has dropped. Really worth giving this real old fashioned remedy a try." 😄🌿

- Sandi, Howick



Rina Swart  recommends Moringa Life.

Helps for our pains and aches, as well as our overall well being.

Pat Jansen van Vuuren
I also had pains in my knees could not climb steps. Just completed my second bottle and still going strong. Will recommend to anyone to use.
Lorna Tshuta 
Petro Smit Theron 
My hot flashes is iets van die verlede vandat ek Moringa extract gebruik, ek beveel dit verseker aan vir al die dames met dieselfde probleem.
Christian J Neumann Just received my order. Your ordering and delivery system working First Class! Now for the trial of the product!!! Thank you
Hi there, MORINGA LIFE IS A TRUE MIRACLE and I saw it with my own eyes! My housekeeper’s husband with Themba Mavusa (56yrs) was diagnosed and have been struggling with severe diabetes and became very ill. He ended up at the clinic every 2nd week and in May 2019 the Dr prescribed insulin AND he was given a machine to test his sugar. On the 07th May he stood in our kitchen with his machine so that we could help him use it for the 1st time. We tested his sugar and it was 20.1 - scary! On the 10th May my sister told Themba about MORINGA LIFE. We ordered his first bottle on 11th May which they delivered in 15 May. He started using it on 16 May and his sugar was 20. He drinks 5ml x 3 per day before meals. His sugar levels have dropped significantly when we tested it: 17 May = 7.9   24 May = 7     03 June = 6      05 June = 4.4      08 June = 4.2 Diabetes is such a serious illness but THIS is a real miracle!!! If I did not see it with my own eyes ... really. Elzabe Opperman Durbanville Cape Town 
Felicia Stokwana 
It helps me a lot
Colin Powell
Still taking it, no more headaches. Definitely helped with inflammation and cravings. And yes I do love surprises😁😁😁
Gefrey van Rooyen
My blood sugar came down from 10 and 11 to six and five  
Alida Bekker Meyer
My husband uses 20 units insulin less per day since he started using Moringa. He feels much better.

Bernise Jacobs

Mar 15, 2019, 10:32 PM (7 hours ago)
to me
Good Evening

I have been taking the above since 3 March - 1 x teaspoon a day, and have definitely experienced a difference.

I am a runner and used to have difficulty breathing - this has definitely improved and my overall wellbeing is really getting better. 
Thokozani Nzama 
I feel a huge difference in my body too since i started drinking supplement it really does wonders
 Josephin Mafoko 
I'm drinking moringa every day no more low blood feeling strong  
Ivor Jasper 
My wife is also drinking the moringa and it dropped get sugar levels big time  
Keitumetse Mthukwane 
Very gud and healthy product my friends ive been using it for years now.
WesMon Gerber 
....have tried numerous over the counter remedies for my Gout and Osteo Arthritis ....only mild short relief. 
Been using Moringa now for many years, and not only do I not get Gout anymore, my Arthritis is 99% 'gone' .... I got a bonus from using Moringa, in that I am free of sinusitus. 
Wonderfull, wonderfull leaf ... I now have my hubby on the Good Green Leaf .....!
Chrystal Janse van Rensburg
Hi, thank you, same to you. It working well thank you, I sleep better and my stomach is better, no more lactose intolerance. Im coping very well with all the stress at work, way better than I thought I would. I recommended moringa to other people who are using it now and feeling the difference. I will never not use it anymore.
Irill Humphrey van Niekerk
Kathy and myself have been taking it for 6 weeks now...I am so pleased that the sugar has come down, and I can use my fingers now...I do a lot of crochet, etc..😁
Trish Muldoon Geldenhuys
Love my morninga!!!
Irill Humphrey van Niekerk
I have been using it.... for almost two months. It has has helped with my Arthritis and my type 2 diabetes....was 8.3, 7.8, then 6.'s and latest READING 5.5 and that is after eating a 5 Star chocolate bar....whoop hoo
Malebo Mphake-Mekgwe 
After the second day, the stomach settled. I bought a bottle of Moringa for arthritis and gout for my sister. She says she is feeling well generally after the second dose and the pains have reduced drastically. Will keep updating with the progress
Lindy-Lou Loock
I've been using the Moringa for a month now.
Got endless problems with pain full feet, actually
started loosing feeling in tips of my toes. Had blood
tests done for Gout, Diabetes and Arthritis, all negative.
Dr prescribed Lyrica which had such bad side effects, flushed
the pills down the toilet ( very expensive flush ).
The pain is 90% less at this stage, my feet also don't
swell as much as it used to. Excessive sweating also 50% better.
I have a pacemaker and suffer from high blood and cholesterol,
did a test a week ago - skipped the high blood pills for the
weekend, blood pressure stayed normal. i will never be without
Moringa again, got most of my friends on it already. Excellent
Alida Bekker Meyer 
My husband has type 2 diabetes. He injects. Within 2 weeks since he started using Moringa, his diabetes is totally under control and uses 20 units of insulin less a day. His overall condition is improving daily.
Fred Steinberg
I used a whole bottle in one month and 3 capsules in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. I had "half dead" feet due to diabetes. I have 90% feeling back.
Annelie Goosen
Ek't ook my eltroxin gelos en drink nou net moringa.
Mpisi Mkomati KaVovo Mkomati
It helped me in my stage 2 diabetes and also in blood pressure and diarrhea. it's helpful to me.

Goed EK drink elke more en my bloed suiker is van 9.6 na 4.5
Magdeleen Richter 
Dus baie goed,ek kon die verskil voel aan my gesondheid
Cassy Frost 
So amazed by this product!
Only downside is my body doesn't like alcohol or caffeine or sweet things anymore. But hey, I'm not complaining 😊

Johan Hamman 
I will never be able to go without Moringa Again it cured my psoriasis for good

Angelo Smyth
I can vouch for this product, throw all other multi vits away and use this one only, truth be told, you WILL be amazed at the difference. No I don't work for Moringa Life, I have personal experience with this product, and it's the best one.

Cassy Frost
Moringa Life I am amazed by this product. I used 2 capsules on Sat eve and could feel the benefits. I had a deeper sleep. I woke up with ease after 5 hrs of sleep and had a great day. Today I've felt energized too! Hopefully ur special offer is still on come pay day

Cindy Walker Kritzinger recommends Moringa Life.
Blood sugar is more stable. I am a type 2 diabetic

My daughter uses it for her epilepsy, been free of seizures 2 years now!!!

Roelien Rosslee recommends Moringa Life
Saw my doctor this morning and I don't have to inject insulin anymore, after only 2 months! 
Also total relief on the hot flushes.

High Blood Pressure
I’m 45 years old and had been suffering from high blood pressure with a usual reading of 200/110. I had been feeling weak and could not walk long distance without feeling dizzy and shortness of breath. After two months of drinking Moringa Tea, my blood pressure dropped to 110/85 and I no longer experience the shortness of breath and dizziness every time I walk longer. It really works for me and I feel that the more I drink the tea the better my body will become.
Rizalde Diokno Gazcon

I have type 2 diabetes for almost 30 years and I have been taking insulin shots twice a day. I had to strictly adhere to my prescribed diet otherwise I will succumbed to a sort of an attack. After two weeks of drinking Moringa Tea, my blood sugar count dropped. After a month of drinking, my doctor told me to take insulin shots only as needed, i.e. only when my blood sugar reaches a certain level.
Tony C.

I was hospitalized for tuberculosis and urinary infections. The antibiotics cost more than P 450.00 per capsule and I had to take five different kinds of medicines. The symptoms would subside but after a while, blood came out when I coughed. A friend let me try Moringa and she told me that it has anti-tuberculosis and anti-bacterial properties. I tried it. My health has improved. I also tried to make the used tea as feminine wash and the itchiness brought by the infection subsided. I took more of the tea because it was a lot cheaper, and miraculously the itchiness was completely gone and I no longer have the symptoms of tuberculosis. Until now, I have been taking Moringa tea because it has helped me a lot and I want to boost my immune system so that I will be totally cured.
Juliet C.

Kidney Stone
Last year, I noticed that I had difficulty urinating and experienced lower back pain. My medical examination showed kidney stones. After a month of drinking Moringa Tea, the ultra sound result showed that my kidney stones were powdered and only few remained. Few months of habitually drinking Moringa tea, my kidney functions a lot better. I can urinate normally and don’t suffer lower back pain anymore!
Bebbie L.

My knees were really painful especially if I eat something oily. I am also hypertensive. My daughter introduced Moringa Tea to me and I just took the tea religiously. Right now, I don’t have pains on my knees and other joints and my blood pressure has been stable.
Rannie Torres

My A1C dropped from 10.8 to 7.5!

Thank you for introducing me to Moringa! I was having a hard time keeping my sugar under control and prior to June my A1C was running 10.8. After taking Moringa capsules for 3 months, June 2018 – August 2018, I had to take my A1C test again in September. My A1C had dropped from 10.8 to 7.5! I was so proud! My goal is for my Doctor to say I’m off the insulin and there’s no sign of sugar by 2019.

Anttonnetta A, Tampa FL

My doctor has reduced my diabetic medications

I am so excited about the incredible results I am experiencing since I started using the Moringa supplement only 120 days ago. My doctor has reduced my diabetic medications from one injection daily to one injection once a week; she changed my oral prescriptions from two tablets twice a day to only two tablets once daily. I have lost five pounds without trying. I gave up my fat burning tablets. I’m not dieting anymore. My eating habits have changed only because I have lost the desire to eat certain foods that I had no business eating anyway. I love this Moringa supplement!!! I am a faithful user for life!!!

Jacqueline J, Apopka FL

My hair has grown back strong

One year ago I was on the borderline for diabetes. The doctor told me to lose weight. I did none of that and over time I started losing my hair. I began taking Moringa and after three months, I had another blood test. It was perfect. The doctor was amazed! I had to do another test; they wanted to be sure they did not make any mistakes. After confirming the same results, he said continue doing what you are doing! The moringa does wonders for me, my energy is much better now. After 6 months of taking moringa, my hair has grown back strong and is now down to my shoulders. I will always keep taking my moringa.

Yvonne T, Evanston IL

My doctor said whatever I’m doing I should continue doing it

I have been taking your Moringa capsules for a while now. It has been a tremendous help to my health. I’m diabetic and since I’ve been taking the moringa capsules my A1C dropped from 7.4 to 6.2. My doctor said whatever I’m doing I should continue doing it. I’ve noticed my nails have gotten stronger and my skin is so much smoother than before. There has been a positive difference in my everyday life from taking these moringa capsules. I recommend them to everyone.

Marlene B, Chicago IL

Sped up my metabolism and helped with my diabetes

Moringa Oleifera is one of the best products I could ever have come across. It not only has sped up my metabolism but it has also helped with my diabetes. For those of you hesitating about trying any of the products The Moringa Group carries, I can assure you, the end result you will receive will be unforgettable. The product is great, the customer service on receiving the product is speedy. Stop hesitating and buy the product!

Cozette, Tampa FL

I immediately noticed a feeling of get-up-and-go

Prior to taking moringa, I typically started my day in a less than inspired way. After my first morning taking it, I immediately noticed a feeling of get-up-and-go! It wasn’t an anxious feeling but more of a “wow, I feel great!” and was anticipating the day ahead. I didn’t feel sluggish like I typically felt. It was almost a joyful feeling and I knew I had found what I was looking for in this product! Even more so… I was anticipating that feeling with every cup [of tea]! Awesome product!

Steve M, Charleston SC

I take fewer naps and sleep solid through the night

After only a few weeks [of taking] moringa, I’m already noticing the benefits of this superfood! The first thing I noticed was appetite suppression. My nails are longer and stronger as opposed to cracking and breaking. My bathroom habits are healthy and very regular. My mood has improved even though I struggle with mental illness. I’ve noticed spurts of energy throughout the day. I take fewer naps and sleep solid through the night. I’m pleased to have experienced an increase in my libido! I will continue drinking the tea and taking the moringa capsules as well as tracking the benefits as I’m sure I will notice more health improvements as I maintain my daily regimen.

Cindy C, Philadelphia PA

My grandmother, Teodora Briones had a stroke for the third time which rendered her incapacitated, she cannot talk and cannot even wiggle her hands and feet. After she was discharged from Chong Hua Hospital, a friend introduced Moringa ysp Condensed Powder Tea. Although we were quite skeptical about its effect, we let her try. After 1 week & 4 days of drinking the tea, my grandmother was able to get up from her bed by herself and she could move her hands and feet as well as utter a few words. We were really amazed and as of today, she can move around. We are very thankful that such herbal tea is able to be of great help for people like us who can barely sustain our basic needs, much more for medication.
Nova Rementiso

Cainta, Pooc, Talisay

Dengue Fever
A 20 year old Southwestern University student came to see me complaining of severe headache, joint pains, high fever, muscle pains and other symptoms of dengue. Since I’m a doctor of alternative medicine, I prescribed my patients with natural medicine. The therapy that I gave her was to eat apples and take 3 teabags of Moringa Condensed Powder Tea a day. After three days of therapy, the fever was gone and she began to eat and eventually regained her strength.
Dr. Oliver Hill

Menstrual Pain
A week before my menstrual period, I always have severe stomach cramps and migraine. I tried Moringa ysp Condensed Powder Tea and it relieved me of my monthly ordeal. As a dentist, I prescribed my patient to put Moringa ysp Condensed Powder Tea on top of the wound caused by tooth extraction. When I examined my patient after three days, the wound was completely dry and it really shrank to the extent that it was no longer noticeable.
Dr.Brownwyn Ceniza D.M.D

Brain Tumor
I felt numbness in my body, my blood pressure went up, seizure like that of an epileptic, and literally passed out. My CT scan result showed that I have a 4.7 cm x 4.4 tumor close to my brain. Hospitalization and medication were expensive and yet, they didn’t save me from the recurring bouts of the seizure among other symptoms. I discovered Moringa ysp Condensed Powder Tea. It has been two weeks since I have been religiously drinking the tea and the symptoms did not recur. I’m feeling a lot better now and I’m very positive that when I go back to my doctor for check up, a remarkable difference will be noticed.
Mr. Herman Gontinas

Ormoc City

My monthly period lasts longer than normal and I have been very pale which prompted me to consult a doctor. My ultrasound result showed myoma measuring 7.5 cm and 4 cm. Medication is expensive and a friend introduced Moringa Tea to me. After three days of trying, I experienced frequent urination, stomach pain as if there was something going on inside me. Then, I realized I was undergoing a healing crisis or reaction to cure considering that I took so many medications already and I didn’t feel any remarkable difference. I am confident that by taking the tea consistently, I will fully recover.
Zosima Talisi

San Vicente, Liloan, Cebu

Gall Bladder Stone
I felt a sharp pain right below my chest. It was so painful that I almost pass out. I puked a yellow substance and my eyes were yellowish as well. I was taken to Vicente Sotto Hospital and my ultrasound result showed that I have stones in my gallbladder and was advised to undergo operation the soonest possible time which would cost me P 150,000.00. I called up my sister and she brought me Moringa ysp Condensed Powder Tea. I was skeptical about it but I felt I didn’t have any choice but to try. I took two cups of tea, and in few minutes the pain subside. I kept on drinking the tea and fortunately the pain was gone and I was able to go back to Hongkong for my work. Until this time, I don’t feel any pain and I never went back to the hospital.
May Larita


I have been suffering from ulcer for ten years and tried so many medicine and herbal remedies but to no avail. I always feel acidity in my stomach. A friend of mine, introduced Moringa ysp Condensed Powder Tea and amazingly, after two days, all the symptoms of my ulcer were gone. After two weeks of religiously taking the tea, I visited my doctor and found out that my blood pressure became stable. Now, I am taking it everyday.
Eugene Sunio

Bacolod City

Common Diseases
I’m quite aware that Western medicines only alleviates the symptoms of the common diseases like hypertension, diabetes, arthritis among others. I specialized on alternative medicine thus I prescribed Moringa ysp Condensed Powder Tea to my patients. I did a lot of research on the pharmacological benefits of Moringa Oleifera that’s why I never hesitated to try the tea considering that it is purely made from the miracle tree. I tried it with my patients who suffered from dengue fever and lung fibroma and it was effective. Then, I prescribe it to a dialysis dependent patient and after eighteen days of taking Moringa tea, his test result showed a remarkable decrease in createnine. Right now, I am challenging the medicinal benefit of Moringa Tea in a more severe case like lymphoma.
Dr. Oliver Hill


My arthritis started three (3) years ago and I have been under medication but it only relieves the pain but didn’t actually cure. My wife has been taking Moringa for her myoma and she told me that the tea is effective for my arthritis. I’ve always been skeptical about the benefit of herbal tea but I tried it anyway. After taking it for three (3) consecutive days, I didn’t feel any pain on my knees and decided to continue taking it until now. To my surprise, I’m completely pain free and instead of taking my medication, I opted to take Moringa Tea everyday.
Cris Ponce

Skin Allergy, Ulcer & Insomnia
I had been suffering from skin allergy, ulcer and insomnia for few years already. I had a hard time eating because it would result to skin rashes and extreme stomach acidity, even with fruits. In addition, I had difficulty sleeping. I have been taking Moringa Tea for quite sometime already and to my relief, I can eat practically anything without worrying about skin rashes and stomach acidity and I can sleep regularly.
Tommy Misuari

Arthritis and Chest Pain
I had been taking medication for my arthritis and chest pain but still I could barely walk, my entire legs are swollen and had recurring bouts of chest pain. My daughter introduced Moringa Tea and it really gave a drastic change in my condition after three (3) weeks. I don’t have chest pain. My legs are not swollen, I could walk and even go to church without the pain. Now, I am taking it everyday. It’s a lot cheaper and healthier than taking my prescribed medicines.
Fe Vergara

Irregular Menstruation
Before, my menstruation is not regular and once I have it, it would take at least two weeks to end and it really worried me. It is even accompanied by severe stomach cramps. When I started taking Moringa Tea, my menstruation became regular and it would only take five (5) days the most to end and I don’t have stomach cramps anymore.
Therese Torres

I tried Chinese herbal and western medicine for my goiter but to no avail. Doctor advised me to undergo surgery. My husband introduced Moringa Tea and when I took it for the first two weeks, I noticed that my goiter was growing bigger. My husband told me to stop but I continued because I was explained before hand about the reaction to cure or healing crisis that will take place. I continued for another two weeks and I noticed that the bulge on my neck became smaller and smaller and at the end of another two weeks, I could hardly notice it. Right now, I am scheduled to see my doctor for some test and I’m quite positive that I would no longer have to undergo operation.
Nimfa Pepito

Yati, Liloan, Cebu

I am 48 years old and for five(5) months, I didn’t have menstruation. My husband and I entertained the idea that its menopause although we thought that I’m still young for it. I started to drink Moringa tea and after three (3) days, I had my menstruation. Form then on, I am taking the tea daily, and my menstruation becomes regular.
Jahara Asani

Pagatpat, San Roque Mambaling

Gall Bladder Stone
In 2000, my ultrasound result showed stones in my gallbladder. The doctor advised me to undergo surgery but I wanted to try alternative medicine. My treatment at that time involved drinking a liter of apple juice a day for (6) consecutive days. I also have to take antacid as well for hyper-acidity. On the 7th day, I have to fast for a day and take ½ cup of live oil. I started to have greenish discharge and the stones were flushed out of my system as well. Just this year, I felt the same pain and again my ultrasound showed stones in my gallbladder. This time, I was hesitant to take the same regimen because of the hyper-acidity that the apple would cause, the weakness in my body during the fasting and the sharp pain when I discharged due to the stone. My daughter introduced Moringa Tea. I have to consume 1.5 L of Moringa tea (the powder included) together with the apple juice for six (6) consecutive days. This time, I did not take antacid because there was no hyper-acidity and during the week I could feel that my stool have powdered stones in it. After the fasting and drinking of olive oil, I did not feel weak and no more pain when I discharge because the stones have been powdered as early as the third day that I took Moringa Tea. Now, my gallstone is completely gone.
Herminia Torres

Kidney Stones
I had kidney stones and for almost two years I had been on medication to alleviate the symptoms which cost P 96.00 per day, however, the doctor informed me that 4-5 years from now, I may have to undergo operation. Mr Shoji, the founder and manufacturer of Moringa Tea visited my office to apply for HALAL accreditation and I told him about my kidney stone problem. He told me to try Moringa Tea. That was my first encounter with the tea but I was skeptical about it and thought that he might just be bragging. After 15 days of religiously drinking the tea, I went to my doctor for check and I was very surprised that my kidney stones were powdered. Another 15 days passed, I went back for check up and this time the stones were 100% gone. My office workers in OMA have been suffering from hypertension, arthritis, and other complicated symptoms. I introduced Moringa Tea to them and miraculously, the symptoms gradually disappears. I strongly believe that I have to share what I found to others and somehow it became my duty to tell others.

Mukarim Habin


Moringa Rocks!!! Helped my LUPUS symptoms Alot! xxxx

Ayesha L Groenveld

Moringa: kan nie meer sonder dit nie. My man se been wat ge-amputeer is genees so mooi. Hy is diabeet en sy suiker vlakke wissel tussen 3 en 6. Hy is baie gesonder hy het met sy tweede bottel nou begin

Daan & Thea Jordaan

I just ordered my first 3 bottles of Moringa this morning - shortly after 9am. I received confirmation of my order, also from the courier, and by 17.30 this afternoon my parcel arrived at my door! Now that was service - got the product the same day. Thank you. I will be posting a testimonial here in the near future as I do believe I have found the most amazing product, and look forward to experiencing the healing properties of Moringa.

Brian Larter

I have been taking Moringa since 26th May, which makes it 12 days today and already I can feel a great difference in my joints and energy levels.

Deborah Rossouw Lewis

It sure works, daily dose for my daughter and I xx

Sinah Mnisi

Moringa is the best, I use to have joints pains but since I started to use Moringa all the pains is gone. Thank you

Priscilla Stix Reed

I take the tablets, they are awesome!

Louise Sloman-Fuller

Usually at this time of year I start to feel exhausted and can't wait for the Xmas holidays. I started taking Moringa capsules about 2 months ago and I am feeling energetic and motivated - even though it is September!!!!

Selma Bothma Olivier

Rigala been using Moringa for the past 2 weeks, amazing results

Pinkie Vuyokazi

My ma het die Eltroxin net 2 aande gedrink toe ek haar laat weet STOP. Paar dae later het sy die Moringa begin drink. 1ste bottel klaargemaak, bloedtoetse Maandag laat doen. Klier se telling was 7.8, is nou 4.4. Cholesterol amper normaal, vit B12 max, haar dikderm voel die beste in jare, sy slaap goed en het meer energie! Sy word Januarie 79. Die Dr. het gedink sy is op die Eltroxin en toe sy hoor my ma het die GLAD nie gebruik nie, het haar kakebeen op haar tafel gehang! Sy kon dit nie glo nie. Ek sal einde van die maand weer 5 bottels of salk sommer 'n jaar se voorraad by jou kry!

Amanda Venter

Kan met sekerheid terug rapporteer dat die pille werk. My ma het trechiminale oralgie en niks wou help nie nou twee weke later en sy praat beter en eet al met gemak en pyn alreeds baie minder

Nicola Breedt Moffett

It's truly a super miracle food;)

Johann du Plessis

Wil net graag die goeie nuus deel.Ek het iets soos n vlies wat oor my linker oog groei was al amper by die appel Die Dr. het gese hulle kan dit net afhaal as dit oor die oogappel groei Ek drink die Moringa nou al amper 4 maande en die vlies is weg, my oog lyk nou ook al baie beter

Renda van Vuuren

I have had excellent results with the combination of Moringa+ capsules and Advocado-Moringa infused oil, as it alleviated eczema on my hands and inside my ears that I suffered from. Thank u MoringaPlus SA for excellent service!

Ansa Marais

It's lowered my blood pressure and is helping my kids with their eczema and sinusitis.

Nomahlubi Unity Msweli

5star. My blood pressure is back to normal after I started taking Moringa. My asthmatic son struggles no more with the attacks. Moringa is indeed a tree of life.

Scolana Pepsie Sedibe

I bought Moringa 4 my husband his got ulcer but since he use Moringa its been long now not suffering from ulcer thanks to Moringa please guys try Moringa you won’t regret it thanks to u Moringa

Matshepiso Matshe

It really does work wonders... my 77yr old mum is perfectly healthy. No diabetes, no sugar, no pressure etc. She grew up eating Moringa.... & now her 17mnth old great-grandson is addicted to eating Moringa drumsticks cooked in a pea-dill soup. He is super healthy....& he has never been to a doctor since birth. Goodluck!!!!

Monica Kallee

So impressed about Moringa, my mom has hypertension n she’s on medication, her readings were always over 160/90,n she started taking Moringa in November, well yesterday she went for her monthly check-up n her reading turned out to b 108/80,even after eating so many wrong things during the festive season!!

Tebogo Mashego

Thank you Ina. I received my parcel timeously. I am impressed with the amazing support and service. Those of you who would like to order and use the courier service don't hesitate.

Melanie Naransammy

Ek drink net 2 kapsules in die oggend en my bloedruk het af gekom van 170/91 na 109/71 in 3 maande. Is nie op enige medikasie nie het net die Moringa gedrink.

Renda van Vuuren

Moringa het my lewe verander. Moringa is n lewenswyse, Moringa maak jou gesond. Moringa gee jou nuwe lewenslus. Moringa genees jou en jy raak ontslae van alle wat jou maag nie goed doen nie, harlywigheid, winderigheid, ongemak en suur wat jou rumatiek gee. Die maag is dink ek die belangrikste. Die lewe is so gejaagd dat ons verkeerd eet en jou self nie genoeg tyd gee op ñ toilet nie.

Sylvia Ida Pretorius Gilmore

My man het die insulien spuite heeltemal gelos en is net op die Moringa en mense dit gaan BAIE goed met hom. EK LOVVEEEEEEE Moringa

Magda Mügge

I have been using your product for the last six months. The capsules at 5 a day. It is a fantastic product! I have had these horrible back aches for ages and tried many, many meds, vitamins etc... Now it has simply disappeared! So we'll done on an excellent product!!

Annalize Herbst

This really helps. My viral load was 2677 because I am HIV positive and my friend gave me Moringa tea and now my viral load is 20 only. I am never sick. Am fit. No more painful legs and sores

Eggitta-agness Madula Wa Zanda

I used to have terrible stomach ulcers and after using Moringa powder I am healed

Abraham Kekana

I was having gout after using Moringa it has gone away thanks Moringa

Sello Lolo Galane

Moringa got me through my flu, first time in 20 years I did not need antibiotic. Moringa for ever

Sonet Jordaan

I have been suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis since 1987 and put on chronic meds since 1997. Over the years it has done so much damage to my joints I had to go for several surgeries. I couldn't sleep due to pain. Ever since I started using Moringa, I feel so much better. Sometimes I forget that I have it. I sleep well and feel good. I recommend this for many ailments and just for maintaining health

Malesiba Lebepe

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer did the hysterectomy, did radiation and chemotherapy. A soldier friend of mine introduced me to this "Moringa" WOW now I cannot live without it. I sprinkle the powder on my cereals and sometime I drink the tea. WOW I just feel amazing, thank you to this "Moringa"

Ntombi Nene

I was a chronic...high blood pressure......since I used Moringa it is fine and I have stopped taking medication......from 2014 December....
I am still fine......

Mmapula Sepato

Thank you very much for your quick and friendly service, I placed the order on Friday afternoon and received it this morning.

Gugu Tiboo Radebe

Net ietsie interesant. Ek het 3 maande terug dit begin gebruik. En my lus vir rook veloor. Ek rook nie meer nie. Dis toevallig.

Charlene Sewell


I'm taking Moringa in the morning everyday & I’m feeling healthy 

Sally Ntlebere

For me this stuff is the bomb and can tell when I have not taken them. It's get the systems working and Engadget levels up. Will be sticking up soon

Kimbils Osborne

Ek gbruik dit... Dit doen my baaaaie goed, ek bemoedig baie aan om dit te gbruik

Hildegarde Roman

Been taking now for 3 months and definitely feel a great improvement. My constant arthritic pain is now manageable and I have pain free days.

Inge la Barre

Thanks to Moringa I have lost the extra weight gained during pregnancy. My body no longer itches and the low blood I was told I had for years has become normal. I feel different, I feel relaxed, I feel powerful and healthy thanks to Moringa. I preach the Gospel of Moringa to whomever complains of any ailment. I have seen the wonders I cannot live without it.

Caroline Lepitla Mabaso

I've been using Moringa powder since last year my digestion is now improving and peptic ulcers as well

Thandi Ndwandwe


I am also taking 2 capsules of Turmeric / Cayenne .. As well as three Moringa capsules per day. My pain has definitely become easier to handle. But not sure which capsules are working!!! Maybe the combination of both, however I am not stopping either of them!!! Xx

Karen Laxton

I'm using teabags. Since I started drinking 2 cups every day; my joints are not giving me problems anymore.

Brenda Thandiwe Mazibuko 


I normally didn’t have a good sleep. But after using moringa for some time now I sleep like a baby. The moringa tree is very good. Thank God for such a good and miracle tree. Cecilia from Ghana.


Amazing product. Feel a difference after taking it for the first time. Thanks so much Moringa

Allison Kuchenbecker


The other day I noticed that the three pretty nasty Plantar Warts that I've had under my right foot for a number of years and that had become problematic (my GP told me she would have to cut them out and I wouldn't be able to exercise for a few weeks), suddenly appeared to be disappearing due to Moringa. One, just below my centre toe on the foot, has completely disappeared, whilst 2 others have all but gone - just a patch of rough, seemingly burnt (brown in colour) skin remains, and when I apply pressure to the points, I can no longer feel the hard lumps beneath the skin and there's no discomfort. I'm pretty thrilled, to say the least.

Tony Calitz


It helped me and my energy levels and stamina have also increase. Thank you so much🙏🏽


Good Morning, Just received my order.
As a first time customer, I would like to congratulate you, for your highly impressive service delivery. I have been very impressed by your high level of service and genuine consideration for me as a customer. In this day and age good customer service is often difficult to find, and I feel it is important that it be recognized.
Your personalized customer service and hospitality were really appreciated. While we are sometimes quick to criticize when we don’t get the service we believe we deserve, it is also important to give credit when we do receive exceptional service. I can assure you, you will receive much more orders from myself and I would gladly recommend you to my family and friends.
Thank you for making this experience a good one and for providing such an absolutely superior service.
Cedclan Solomons
When I was in an accident 2015.....someone introduced me to Moringa......I had broken ribs....when I went back to hospital to check out my ribs it was completely healed.....God's healing was also on my side.....it really helps alot
Lettie Labuschagne
Jip ek is n diabeet en gebruik dit al 2 jaar en hou my suiker konstant
Diana Pisanello Blankfield
Using Moringa has cleared Psoriasis on my scalp, which I have been battling with for the last 20 years!
Kathy Gaines-Burrill
Best ever... been on moringa for over 4 years now... no pain and discomfort from my osteoarthritis
Petro Le Roux
Ek is 2 sizes kleiner van ek Moringa gebruik. Voel wonderlik. Sal dit vir almal aanbeveel
Mukesh Reddy
I personally recommend moringa, I do take it every morning and touch wood it helped me a lot for almost 3years now. I don't have Arthritis or gout but someone advised me to take this for healthy joints.
My Moringa order has just been delivered, once again, in amazing turn-around time! Thank you for your prompt and caring service EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!!!
Please feel free to use me as a very positive reference whenever the need arises.
Nadine Camara
Nirmala Pillay
Just received my prompt order this morning
Moringa Concentrate Extract
Placed the order on Friday
Thank you Moringa Life
Elizabeth Ashworth
❤ it, it is wonderful. No high blood anymore😃
😘 it is the truth. I am 69 and still donate blood. The staff there cannot believe that I do not have sugar or high blood. They always ask what I use to be so healthy and full of energy. I only have 1 answer. Moringa. My son, 37, works for a big manufacturing comp. They do routine checks of blood pressure. He has a history of High Blood. The Sister said to him, we will have to send you to a doctor. I gave him Moringa and within 1 week it came down to normal. She was so surprised and wanted to know what happened. He said "thanks to Moringa"
Elizabeth Ashworth
Hi daar
Baie dankie, ek het my bestelling ontvang.  Ek sal julle ter enige tyd aanbeveel want julle diens is flink en die personeel baie vriendelik en behulpsaam.  
Weereens baie dankie.
Vriendelike groete
Riana van den Heever
Shosh Josman Abrahams
I have been using Moringa for 3 months and DEFINITELY works for me.
Rientjies Mulder
Ek kon ook nie meer ver loop maar vandat ek moringa drink loop ek weer met gemak
Estelle Lensley
My friend used it over the weekend. She actually called me last night to confirm that her joint pain is gone. After 2 times of drinking it.
Alicia Bronwyn Arries-Fouldien
I've used this Moringa tablets for a month and two weeks, I had the painful Diabetic feet, when I started with the tablets, it made me feel a little funny the first few days, but by the 4th day I felt, my painful feet was gone, my paun in my body was gone, I have energy like anything, it really helps, I don't feel lethargic like I used to feel, I feel good, and with the workout of energy my diabetic reading started to go down, cause mine was often higher than it should be. It really works for me.
Birgit Burgess
It certainly is wonderful stuff I've been on it for approx 3 years and have osteo arthritis to type 2 diabetic have in flammation it certainly does make a difference. 
Hi Vinette 
Hope you well!
I cannot even begin to tell you how the Moringa has literally changed my life! I haven’t had energy like this in years and I feel VIBRANT!!! I have been telling everyone to buy it! :) 
Kind Regards 
Piet Steyn
I have been taking a load of medication for my gout and all sorts of other ailments for a number of years now. My daughter in-law got me some of this Moringa for diabetics and I have been using it now for just on two months. The difference is incredible,I have no more gout attacks I feel full of energy and don’t take any more Pericouse or colchicine or pain medications.
Edna Hoffe
Amazing. I have been taking it for years and I find it gives me a lot of energy.