Benefits of Moringa with Added Cancer Bush

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What makes Cancer Bush so popular?

It is hard to overstate the benefits of Cancer Bush (AKA Sutherlandia Frutescens). As one of South Africa's most ancient and best-known medicinal plants, It has been used by all our people groups, since, well, whenever. Cancer Bush helps for a huge variety of health issues. Like ginseng in Asia, Cancer Bush is an adaptogen, meaning it rallies the body's own resources to repair itself from stress damage.

Brain, Mind and Mood

Cancer bush is commonly used in traditional medicine to make people feel calm, relaxed, and less stressed or anxious. Some people believe it can also improve your mood.

Energy And Stamina

Cancer bush has been used in traditional ways to boost energy and endurance. Some people believe drinking tea might boost energy and help with fatigue.


Cancer Bush is often used to treat non-specified wasting diseases.
It has a profound immune boosting effect, which is very useful during cancer chemotherapy.

Respiratory Health

In old-fashioned medicine, cancer bush is sometimes used to help with problems like bronchitis, coughs, and the common cold.

Potential Anti-Cancer Properties

Some early studies have found that extracts from cancer bush plants might have some ability to stop cancer cells from growing and spreading. However, more research is required to understand its effectiveness in treating cancer

Supporting Liver Health

Drinking cancer bush can make your liver work better and remove toxins, helping to keep it healthy.

Pain Reliever

That’s not all benefits of cancer bush. Cancer bush is sometimes used for its potential analgesic (pain-relieving) properties. However, scientific evidence supporting this use is scarce, and more research is needed to confirm its effectiveness.


Herbalists widely use Cancer Bush to treat diabetes. Various case reports show that it lowers blood glucose profoundly within about a month of use. It does not cure diabetes, but it certainly helps.

Muscles, Joints and Bones

Cancer Bush can treat gout, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.
It also helps patients gain muscle mass and strength, especially after a prolonged sick-bed.


Cancer Bush Benefits For Females 

Cancer Bush has some potential advantages that might be relevant for females, as follows:

  1. Balancing hormones: Cancer bush might be helpful for women who have problems with their hormones, like during menopause or when their periods are not regular. It can help to balance hormone levels.
  2. Reducing hot flashes: During menopause, some women may have sudden feelings of heat called hot flashes. Cancer bush might help lessen these symptoms since it has properties that can regulate hormones.

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