Can You Use Moringa for Migraine Relief?

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Can You Use Moringa for Migraine Relief?

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Nov 25th 2015

For those of us that know the pain of migraines, the world seems to stop when they strike. It’s hard to even move, much less continue on with your work or life. Many of the worst migraines force those afflicted to find a quiet, dark space and hide in debilitating pain until the migraine goes away. In extreme cases, migraines can last for 12+ hours, which seems almost unbearable when compared to the discomfort of an average headache.

The Mayo Clinic says there is currently no cure for regular migraines. They break the treatment options into pain-relieving medications and preventative medications. For many people, they have been limited to the purely reactive treatment option of pain-relieving medication. Anyone that experiences regular migraines knows that this is not much of a solution. Certainly, most people would say that leading pain-relief medications help when they do get a migraine, but that option still leaves most people in fear of when the next migraine will occur. They spend much of their life worried that a migraine will cripple them at an important or dangerous moment. You only need to get hit with a bad migraine while driving down a busy freeway during rush hour to understand how simple things most people take for granted suddenly become more stressful.

In the list of preventative medication, the Mayo Clinic lists beta-blockers, anti-depressants, anti-seizure medications and botox. They preface this list by saying, “preventive medications don't stop headaches completely, and some drugs cause serious side effects. If you have had good results from preventive medicine and your migraines are well controlled, your doctor may recommend tapering off the medication to see if your migraines return without it.” These do not sound like much of a long-term solution, either. When your supposed solution is prefaced by saying that it may cause serious side effects, you should probably only go that route as a last resort.

The great news is that a recent study presents a much healthier long-term solution. In the 2012 study, Antimigraine activity study of Moringa oleifera leaf extract, they explored why moringa has been used as a natural remedy for migraine treatment for thousands of years. The goal was to find out if it was effective and, if it was, what specific ways did it present measurable benefits for those suffering from migraines. The study determined that, “These results indicated that Moringa oleifera may be acting via dopaminergic and serotonergic receptors. It could be concluded that Moringa oleifera may be effectively used in the treatment or management of migraine.”

This is very exciting news for those suffering from regular migraine attacks. It presents you with a healthy, long-term option to treat migraines. When compared to the list of pharmaceuticals the Mayo Clinic lists as viable preventative options, it seems like a no-brainer to start with moringa and explore other options if it does not effectively manage and prevent your migraines. The best part of daily moringa use is that it comes with many other benefits.

Moringa capsules and leaf extract deliver more nutrients, vitamins and essential amino acids than any other food known to man, so you’ll find a host of benefits by adding into your daily life. Moringa study's have proven it to aid with arthritis, heart health, skin health, digestion and much more. You will notice a natural boost in energy levels without the jittery feeling you get from too much caffeine. You’ll even notice nice benefits like healthier-looking and feeling hair. It helps in so many ways that if you have success treating and managing your migraine pain, then you can feel comfortable continuing to use moringa for the rest of your life. You certainly don’t need to worry about the long list of side effects that any of the other preventative options that western medicine presents currently.

Now we know that you’ll also be helping your body fight the dopaminergic and serotonergic causes of migraines. As the Mayo Clinic clearly states, there is no cure and moringa will not cure those people that have the most severe and frequent cases of migraines. All the accepted medical research on the issue makes it clear that you have to have reasonable expectations of what effective treatment means. It may mean that you will get migraines less often and they will not last as long. It may also mean that when a migraine strikes your pain-relief medication will be more effective.

Based on this exciting research, adding moringa into your daily routine can help prevent and treat regular migraines. The best part is that you can introduce it into your diet without worrying about the side effects of pharmaceuticals and continue to take it every day as long as it works. As always, we clearly and sincerely urge anyone with serious medical issues to consult a doctor about any plans to change diet or treatment plans. Serious medical issues require the input and consultation of medical professionals. We do know our team and our customers have been taking moringa every day for decades and we’ve never felt better!

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