Essential Oil

How to Choose the Best Essential Oils

The most important factor in choosing essential oils is to make sure that they are 100% pure. There is no standardized grading system for essential oils, and no authority board in the United States (or really, anywhere in the world) that oversees the oils. Some companies may refer to their products as “therapeutic grade” or “Grade A”, but they are simply assigning these to their own products and it is not overseen by any governing body.

Your best bet is to do some of your own research on a brand or company to find out how they source their oils. Reputable companies should provide their consumers with test results (such as Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer or GC/MS) that verify purity. This ensures that the oils have not been mixed with synthetic additives or diluted in any way. If you can’t get this information from a company, you probably don’t want their products. But even then, you have to trust that the results you are given are legitimate.

The question of organic essential oils can be a bit confusing because, again, there is no board of authority that oversees the growth of plants that are used for essential oils. Most reputable companies choose plant suppliers who farm without pesticides, even if they are not specifically ‘certified’ because of differences in international rules.

When choosing the best essential oils, it all comes down to finding a trusted brand. And don’t be fooled—the most expensive brand of oils is not always the best! Sometimes they are just higher priced. This is especially true if they come from companies who use a pyramid selling plan with local representatives. Buying your essential oils online (after doing some research about the company) is probably the best and most affordable way to source them.

So now you’re probably wondering which are the best essential oils to start with. Following are some of my favorites and the most popular essential oils available today. Take your pick and you won’t be disappointed!

Here are some of the most popular essential oils that you can find on the market today. And there’s a reason everyone loves them—because they’re amazing! These must-have essential oils for beginners are in the cabinets of every EO guru you’ll ever meet. And you may find that they carry these oils around with them wherever they go.